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Have you ever seen commitment?

Impressive Images Photography stands out from the crowd because of our commitment to do whatever it takes to please our clients.  The before and after shots below show the challange that I was presented  by a magazine editor recently.    The building in the background was under renovation with a crane, port a johns, trash compactors, etc. in front.  I hid as many of those distractions as possible with the peoples bodies, but you can still see unwanted elements beside and between their heads.  Through the power of photoshop I was able to clean up all the distractions and earned the rights to the cover of a local magizine.


artful retouching

Before and After pic for magazine cover.

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Impressive Images Photography launches new website

Our old flash based website has gone the way of the dinosaur.  This new style website will be much easier to find in the search engines.  As you may or may not know,  Impressive Images Photography is based in  Macon, GA and offers our clients “Beyond the Ordinary” Portraits, Products and Services.  Because I have expanded services to 3 product lines, I have developed 4 new websites:

BTOweddings.com  – A full website dedicated to our wedding photography services.

JLBimages.com       – A full website dedicated to our photography services for businesses.

iiportraits.com        – Our updated, original website with an overview of all our services.

BTOportraits.com   – A brand new website featuring an overview of all our services.


Here’s a pop quiz for you:  What does BTO stand for?                                   If you guessed Beyond the Ordinary, your right!

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The Brickyard at Riverside is in the Spotlight.

The monthly luncheon for the Central Ga. Wedding Pros was held at the Brickyard Country Club on N. Wesleyn Dr.  I’ve never been to this facility before, but I look forward to going back.  The general manager greeted us individually and the meeting room we were in has 3 window walls overlooking the golf course.  The meeting areas are very spacious and comfortable.  I’ve included a collage of pics to show you more.   Contact the club at 478-477-6765;  you won’t be disappointed !


Brickyard CC

Brickyard CC collage

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Photographic training with a master.

Hey all.   My long time friend, David Ziser, passed thru Atlanta recently with a photography program called Captured by the Light.  David is known internationally as a great wedding photographer and dynamic speaker.  He spoke for 5 hours on the “ART” of wedding photography.  It’s a concept that has been pushed aside by all the wanabees that have flooded the market.  They are the ones that would rather take 2,000 or 3,000 shots hoping that 80 or 90 will be good;  rather than learning how proper positioning and lighting can create great shots every time.   He also discussed some cool new products that we’ll be offering our couples.   Call Impressive Images Photography soon;  I’ve got some new things to offer YOU.   478-737-2244


DZiser, my mentor

David Ziser and me in Atlanta

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Impressive Images Contest.

  Using our old domain name (BTOportraits.com), we have a brand new website, new content and a new Contest !   Here’s how it works:  check out the new website and tell me what important info you find on each page.  3 folks will win a FREE family portrait session just in time for the holidays.   Give me a call (478-737-2244) with the correct answer.  Also, check out our fan page on facebook  (www.facebook.com/ImpressiveImages)

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Gallery 51 – a great event facility


               This will be an ongoing series of posts with an inside look at some to the resources available for YOUR event planning.

     Although we do most of our work in Macon, Georgia, our photography business is actually located in Forsyth.  Forsythians have long known of Gallery 51 as an art gallery / custom design stained glass studio.  What YOU need to know is that they are putting the finishing touches on converting the art gallery into a very classy event facility.  While some sculptures, stained glass and wall mounted art pieces remain, all of the fixtures have been removed.  This leaves tons of space for tables, chairs (seating for up to 350) and your guests to mingle.

      This past week, Meghan Mitchell (their event coordinator) gave me a tour of the remodeled facility and I was very impressed.  There are tulle draped minilights that give a very romantic feel to the place.  The adjectives of “warm and inviting” quickly come to mind.  The remaining artwork certainly provides a touch of class.  Meghan tells me that her rental fees include some extras that usually are not included elsewhere.   One thing that I know you’ll like is the freedom to choose your own florist, photographer, caterer, etc.  Gallery 51 doesn’t place any restrictions on who you can use for your event services.  She tells me the story of one client who will be using the Varsity (a big name in Atlanta) to cater the reception.

      Here’s Meghan Mitchell’s contact info:    Gallery 51  478-994-3992     meghan@gallery-51.com

 Impressive Images Photography wishes Gallery 51 the very best           

Gallery 51 inside and out Gallery 51 inside and out 



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January 16, 2010

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